Traditional Funeral Service -

There are several options available to a family needing to arrange services for a deceased loved one.  The most widely requested method of final disposition in our area is earth burial.  The burial is usually, but not always, preceded by a visitation at the funeral home followed by a funeral service in a church or the funeral home chapel.  This is called a traditional funeral service. 

This type of service requires a casket and some type of sturdy outside enclosure designed to prevent the collapse of the grave.  We have a wide range of caskets and outside enclosures available to meet the needs of those choosing this type of service.

Cremation -

Cremation is a method of final disposition that is growing rather slowly in our area, but is nonetheless growing.  It is important to remember that when cremation is requested, a visitation at the funeral home with the deceased's body present and a funeral service at a church or funeral home with the body present, is still very much an option. 

We have products available that will accommodate a service of this type.  For a variety of reasons, some families request no services, no visitation, but rather a simple direct disposition of the deceased's body with the cremated remains returned to the family for private family services.  We, of course, can accommodate this type of request as well. 

There are many options available with cremation services ranging from elaborate to simple.  We are always available to sit down with a family and arrange any service that will meet their needs.

Anatomical Donation -

Anatomical donation to a medical school is another type of disposition that we have helped families arrange.  These arrangements are generally made with the medical school prior to death.  When the death occurs, we take care of the necessary document filings, newspaper notices and transport the body to the medical school.  After the medical study is completed the remains can be returned for burial in an area cemetery.

Transfer in or Transfer out-

Occasionally a death of an area resident occurs out of town or out of state.  Through our associations with other funeral service organizations, we are able to secure the necessary paperwork and make arrangements to return the deceased to the area for funeral services and burial.  Conversely, if a resident of another town or state dies in our area, we are able to prepare the deceased for transport to his or her final resting place and obtain the necessary authorizations to do so.

Pre-arranged funeral services

Prearranging funeral services rather than waiting for a death to occur is becoming quite popular today.  Funeral services can be prearranged at a time convenient for all and done without the stress and urgency that occurs at the time of a death.  In addition to prearranging services, prepaying is also an option whereby the type of service and merchandise selected will be provided by our funeral home at no additional cost whenever the death occurs.

In summary, let us say that there are many options available to the consumer today with regard to the final disposition of their deceased loved ones.  We've handled all of these situations over the years.  If you have any questions or if we can be helpful in any way, please let us know.  That's why we're here.

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